Tuesday, November 26, 2013

State health department asks Kentuckians to help improve the state's health by commenting on improvement plan by Aug. 1

Yes, Kentucky ranks chief in smoking and cancer deaths, 10th in flabbiness and poorly in other physical condition measurements, but Kentuckians can help further the state's physical condition status by giving their judgment on how to look after to facilitate.

Tips to keep children safe from the dangers of summer heat

While enjoying stage with kin on the dinghy, next to church picnics, in the backyard or next to the beach, be convinced to keep kids safe at some point in the summer intensity.

Community health centers get federal grants to hire employees to help you shop for health insurance coverage

Kentucky's online physical condition insurance argument, Kynect, opens Oct. 1, 2013, and for the most part Kentuckians be required to own physical condition insurance by January of then day or mug accuse penalties having it.

Owsley men most likely in U.S. to be obese, Perry women most likely to die; Morgan women led nation in increasing exercise

Men in Owsley County are the fattest in the United States, and women in Perry County own the lowest life expectation, 72, according to an NBC News inform based on data assembled by the Seattle-based Institute representing Health Metrics and Evaluation, which has industrial a county-by-county, interactive chart of flabbiness, bodily commotion, high spot blood pressure and life expectation from 2001 to 2011.

Ky. Rural Health Association seeks nominations by Aug. 20 for annual award honoring health service to rural Kentuckians

The Kentucky Rural Health Association is seeking nominations representing this year's recipient of the Dan Martin Award, an once a year honor representing an distinctive who has provided many years of service to rural Kentuckians through give instructions tolerant thought, physical condition professions education, physical condition administration, physical condition promotion or known advocacy.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Markey Cancer Center at UK gets National Cancer Institute designation, opening up new treatment options for patients

The University of Kentucky annouced Friday to facilitate its Markey pest Center has earned a prestigious National pest Institute description. With this description, the focus becomes solitary of 68 in the U.S., and the single solitary in Kentucky, with special access to clinical trials, modern treatments and modern drugs representing patients.

Kentucky expands Medicaid reimbursement for telehealth services, but lets managed-care firms keep authority over fees

Kentucky Health News

Recent changes in Kentucky's telehealth regulations are making it easier representing providers around the state and nation state to transfer health-care services to Medicaid patients, therefore civilizing access to specialty thought representing many patients in Kentucky's rural areas.

Chief of cardiothoracic surgery and pediatric heart program at UK, suspended from surgeries, takes job in Florida

Dr. Assess Plunkett, the chief University of Kentucky cardiothoracic doctor whose surgery encode was on the edge after everything else day representing unspecified reasons, has traditional a modern job a the University of Florida.

As health care expands and more providers are needed, pressure grows to allow nurse practitioners more prescribing authority

To the same extent Kentucky expands Medicaid and apparatus the Affordable Care Act, more Kentuckians will own physical condition coverage and access to thought, decline Kentucky's already existing lack of physicians, particularly persons given that primary thought in rural areas. And, as the stakes comprehend senior, so look after tensions amid physicians and nurse practitioners around how newly covered Kentuckians will receive their thought.

LaRue County High School collaborates with university and nursing home to offer nurse-aide training course

Fifteen students next to LaRue County High School own signed up representing a modern nurse's helper taste on hand in coordination with Campbellsville University and a native attention interior through which students will earn a nurse certification. The taste is being subsidized by the district train ward.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Eye exams are now required for children ages 3 to 6 when first starting public school or preschool

Add eye exams to your back-to-school checklist, because state law now requires children aged 3 through 6 who are entering a public school or preschool program for the first time to have a vision exam.

Rushed transition to managed care is cautionary tale for other states, especially those with large rural populations

Kaden Stone and mother, Angelina Alcott (Photo by Julie Bergal)
Since Kentucky's abrupt revolution to a Medicaid managed-care usage in 2011, problems own been extensive amid patients and providers, highlighting the dangers representing other states,

Kentucky picks up on federal Medicaid funding for inmates, which will expand when health reform takes full effect

Medicaid now covers care for inmates outside
prisons and jails, and health reform will extend
coverage to most former prisoners upon release.

Kids' excessive salty snacks are linked to obesity, high blood pressure; new limits on school vending items may help

To the same extent modern delve into shows to facilitate America's child-obesity contagion is linked to drinking too many brackish drinks,  modern federal regulations can ensure to facilitate vending-machine drinks in Kentucky's schools are healthier and sink in sodium.

Community-based solutions to childhood obesity show signs of progress elsewhere; will Kentucky pick up on them?

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Dr. Hernandez, dead at 84, remembered as public-health leader, especially for women

Funeral services were held Tuesday, July 16, representing Dr. Calixto “Carlos” Hernandez, a Cuban expatriate who was a leader in Kentucky's public-health usage and officer of the state physical condition unit from 1984 to 1992.

Online health-insurance exchange will differ in several ways from those in other states; scheduled to go online Oct. 1

Kentucky is solitary of 17 states setting up its own online health-insurance argument under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. A modern inform provides a some degree of renew around the process, and reminds us to facilitate

Kentucky among states selected to study, address expensive problem of 'superusers' of emergency rooms

Kentucky is solitary of a a small number of states teaming up with the National Governors Association to attend to the expensive glitch of uninsured or Medicaid-covered "superusers" who over-use hospice emergency quarters or other costly physical condition services as an alternative of lower-cost alternatives like primary thought.

U.S. News gives Kosair Children's Hospital a national ranking; 11 other Kentucky hospitals make 'high-performing' list

Each day, U.S. News and World Report publishes its "Best Hospitals" direct representing fill with seeking a high spot level of specialty thought. The single Kentucky hospice to be nationally ranked in the inform representing 2014 is Kosair Children's Hospital in Louisville.

Study shows talking with college students about binge drinking makes them think about it

College students who hear warnings around splurge drinking from kin or links are more likely to be concerned around their own alcohol consume, compared to persons who don't hear this advice, a modern study indicates.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Seven Ky. communities get grants to reduce risks for chronic diseases among children and 'Invest in Kentucky's Future'

Seven diverse Kentucky communities are getting money to reduce the lay bare of chronic disease amid Kentucky's youth. The preliminary grants announced Thursday are part of the Foundation representing a Healthy Kentucky's modern Investing in Kentucky’s Future initiative, a five-year, $3 million encode.

Kentucky, insurance companies are applying lessons learned in state's hurried transition to managed-care Medicaid

Gov. Steve Beshear rushed to remove Medicaid into a modern bed called managed thought, hopeful the modern way would save money and further physical condition, but his administration didn't take stage to condition the soil, fertilize the ground or smear with oil the machinery in 2011. This month, managed-care company Kentucky Spirit proved to be the self-plucking bad prepare, fleeing the state as it cited unbearable expenses.

School boards across Ky. realign school-nurse programs, squeezed by budget cuts and Medicaid payment issues

School districts in Kentucky own long relied on district physical condition departments representing train nurses, but state financial plan cuts and problems with Medicaid reimbursements own squeezed the physical condition agencies, and they in try own plunk the squeeze on the schools representing more money and other measures.

As prescription painkillers become harder to get and abuse, heroin replaces them in Eastern and Southern Kentucky

Heroin consume, which has been a glitch in Northern and followed by Central Kentucky in the same way as the state began cracking down on prescription painkillers after everything else day, has been dispersion to the Southern and Eastern parts of the state.

Hospital and insurance chiefs say health reform will improve Ky.'s health care and its health, after bumps in road


The federal health-reform law will further physical condition thought and help nominate Kentuckians healthier, though a quantity of will be inconvenienced, officials of Kentucky's leading hospitals