Tuesday, November 26, 2013

State health department asks Kentuckians to help improve the state's health by commenting on improvement plan by Aug. 1

Yes, Kentucky ranks chief in smoking and cancer deaths, 10th in flabbiness and poorly in other physical condition measurements, but Kentuckians can help further the state's physical condition status by giving their judgment on how to look after to facilitate.

The state Department representing Public Health is seeking Kentucky residents' input representing the state physical condition perfection mean, which will help the DPH determine priorities representing upbeat changes. Residents can fill improbable an online survey through Aug. 1; the survey can be accessed by clicking now.

"Now is the stage to nominate a move in the justification direction," held state Health Commissioner Dr. Stephanie Mayfield. "Too many Kentuckians are dying from issues to facilitate can be prevented. This will take known physical condition, society partners, and the common known to weigh in on the unsurpassed strategies to move in to facilitate direction. . . . The foremost objective of the state physical condition perfection mean is to attend to these unconstructive physical condition indicators by increasing a road chart to transform Kentucky from a state to facilitate consistently reports poor physical condition status to solitary to facilitate chains dynamic initiatives to help Kentuckians head healthier lives."

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