Thursday, November 21, 2013

Seven Ky. communities get grants to reduce risks for chronic diseases among children and 'Invest in Kentucky's Future'

Seven diverse Kentucky communities are getting money to reduce the lay bare of chronic disease amid Kentucky's youth. The preliminary grants announced Thursday are part of the Foundation representing a Healthy Kentucky's modern Investing in Kentucky’s Future initiative, a five-year, $3 million encode.

“The physical condition of our then generation is next to stake,” held Susan Zepeda, boss and president of the foundation. “Our goal is to help communities nominate upbeat changes in policies and service access to facilitate will help our children grow into healthy, productive adults. Regardless of the challenges, we would like to help communities discovery modern pathways to upbeat solutions.”

Community groups will consume their preliminary grants to bring together and investigate native physical condition data. That analysis will direct development of innovative strategies representing in effect, sustainable measures to further children's physical condition. Those communities chosen representing the initiative are:

• Clinton County School District, Albany: Preliminary grant of $27,755 representing the Clinton County Healthy Hometown Coalition. “We are thrilled to facilitate our society was chosen to participate in this central initiative,” Asst. Supt. Paula not much held. “The members of the Healthy Hometown Coalition are committed to serving children grow up in a bodily, social, and cultural setting to facilitate chains respectable physical condition practice. With help from the foundation, we can develop our size to nominate a lasting, upbeat revolution in our society.”

• Fitness representing Life Around exempt County, Williamstown: Preliminary grant of $21,643 representing FFLAG and the Northern Kentucky Health Department. “We are happy and excited to be certain the opportunity to handiwork with the Foundation representing a Healthy Kentucky,” FFLAG Chairman Jeff Walters held. “We are a small bracket together to facilitate has been working on civilizing the physical condition of our society and we believe we’ve had a upbeat blow therefore far. This grant will accelerate the process and the handiwork that’s been happening.”

• Foundation representing Appalachian Kentucky, Hazard: Preliminary grant of $32,558 representing Perry County Wellness Coalition. “We’ve been working representing several years to further the menu and cheer better drinking practice in and improbable of train,” held Linda Campbell, sustenance director next to Perry County Schools. “It’s not as unproblematic as changing a menu or truly selling total wheat bread. We’re changing a culture, and that’s not a clean issue. Working organized, as a society, we can really start to nominate a difference. This grant from the Foundation representing a Healthy Kentucky allows us to take the then steps regarding serving our kids to be converted into healthier.”

• Green River Area Development District, Owensboro: Preliminary grant of $40,483 representing Partnership representing a Healthy McLean County. “The Partnership representing a Healthy McLean County realizes the blow society organizations, schools, handiwork sites and physical condition thought own on the physical condition of families,” held Jiten Shah, executive director of the ward. "Obesity is a major dynamic representing many chronic diseases which can set in motion in childhood and last into maturity. "

• Kentucky Heart Foundation Inc., Ashland: Preliminary grant of $19,245 representing Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities in Ashland. “Investing in Kentucky’s Future is a absolute fit representing the handiwork of the Healthy Kids Coalition and gives us the opportunity to last to handiwork on guiding principle, usage and environmental changes to further the physical condition of children in Boyd and Greenup counties,” held Laura Patrick, coordinator of Healthy Kids, Healthy communities. “We know to facilitate this loom will help sustain revolution representing years to show your face and come again? Is horrendous around it is to facilitate it is sustainable.”

• Kentucky River Community Care, Inc., Jackson: Preliminary grant of $34,156. “This foundation grant will help Breathitt County mean more opportunities representing youth and families to participate in healthy lifestyle activities,” held Bridget Turner, KRCC director of clinical services. “We need to develop a strategic mean to specifically attend to the many barriers to facilitate mug our children and threaten their upcoming. Education, prevention, behavioral physical condition, bodily physical condition, sustenance, employment, substance abuse are a a small number of of the issues to facilitate we are demanding to deal with in our district.”

• Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness: Preliminary grant of $34,160. “If we are still departing to realize a healthier upcoming representing our citizens, we be required to further the physical condition of our children fill with,” held Dr. LaQuandra Nesbitt, director of the unit. “These funds from the Foundation representing a Healthy Kentucky will facilitate a coordinated, systemic loom to overcome the physical condition barriers to facilitate many of our youth mug. The grant will allow us to make policies and strategies to further physical condition to facilitate are based on accurate data with buy-in from stakeholders across the society.”

Reducing chronic diseases to further Kentuckians' physical condition

Chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes and focal point disease, are persons to facilitate after everything else larger than stage, decrease quality of life, spread the lay bare of youthful death and occur next to senior toll in Kentucky than in surrounding states; substance abuse and a quantity of mental illnesses are furthermore chronic diseases.

Kentucky’s children are next to greater lay bare than for the most part representing chronic diseases, as well as high spot toll of flabbiness and smoking. When children grow up, they are next to an increased lay bare representing focal point disease, cancer or stroke, and Kentucky is exceeding the state arithmetic mean in deaths from these diseases.

The Investing in Kentucky's Future initiative will help Kentucky communities confront this cycle of problems. The foundation is cheering native leaders to identify how unsurpassed to engage the society in order to own the biggest blow.

“This is the chief step in our multi-year loom, which will head to implementation of undying solutions representing healthier communities,” held Zepeda. “We believe to facilitate by working organized on the native level, civil leaders with prophecy can develop innovative strategies to further the physical condition of our children.”

Extra than 50 interested organizations responded to the foundation’s call representing proposals in October after everything else day, and 22 were invited to submit a chock-full proposal. The foundation’s board of directors agreed funding representing seven as part of the initiative. Click now to read more around the foundation.

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