Thursday, November 21, 2013

School boards across Ky. realign school-nurse programs, squeezed by budget cuts and Medicaid payment issues

School districts in Kentucky own long relied on district physical condition departments representing train nurses, but state financial plan cuts and problems with Medicaid reimbursements own squeezed the physical condition agencies, and they in try own plunk the squeeze on the schools representing more money and other measures.

Despite a quantity of concerns, the Russell County Schools board voted to approve a contract with the Lake Cumberland District Health Department to provide train attention services. Corbin Independent Schools did not last its customary contract with the Whitley County Health Department representing these services, and has employed its own nurses this day as an alternative. Fayette County Schools will coordinate a hybrid, scaled-back encode with the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department, sooner than relying solely on the unit representing services.

The Russell County board had tabled its contract with the Lake Cumberland unit after everything else month due to concerns around a lack of provisions allowing representing reimbursement if the nurse still had to take stage sour, reports John Thompson of The Times Journal in Russell Springs. Superintendent Michael Ford held the physical condition unit was unwilling next to this stage to undertake such provisions, but to facilitate it has not been a glitch in the precedent.

Ford furthermore held the ward would comprehend the same services if it hired its own train nurse. So, in the mug of concerns from many members, the board voted after everything else week to last given that school-nurse services through the unit, Thompson reports.

On the other administer, Corbin is hiring its own nurses. Its health-department contract ended in May since the unit went months exclusive of receiving Medicaid reimbursements representing school-nursing services, and the unit had rejection pecuniary assets to last them, reports Jeff gracious of The Times Tribune.

Citing cuts in federal funding, Fayette County Schools has scaled back its school-nurse encode. The seam encode amid the train usage and the native physical condition unit will make for from having 30 registered nurses representing train services to operating with 13 registered nurses and 14 certified concrete nurses, reports Jim lair of the Lexington Herald-Leader.

Fayette Superintendent Tom Shelton held after everything else week to facilitate the mean is to supplement the nurses with other physical condition thought providers or supplementary help from the unit; train personnel will furthermore help by administering a quantity of medication.

This is a temporary solution to touch train attention needs to collapse the schools stage to develop a undying solution, Shelton told lair. Shelton held he wants to develop a completely modern standard representing given that attention services in the same way as then day.

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