Friday, November 22, 2013

Dr. Hernandez, dead at 84, remembered as public-health leader, especially for women

Funeral services were held Tuesday, July 16, representing Dr. Calixto “Carlos” Hernandez, a Cuban expatriate who was a leader in Kentucky's public-health usage and officer of the state physical condition unit from 1984 to 1992. He died Saturday, July 13, next to the age of 84, of abdominal cancer.

Hernandez' s obituary held he was to own been the "head of all physical condition resources" representing Fidel Castro until he maxim in 1957 to facilitate Castro's revolution would not be come again? He notion it would be. "The revolution crooked improbable to be the biggest, bitterest disappointment of his life,” his widow, Jacqueline Hernandez, told Kevin Wheatley of The State Journal in Frankfort.

After an internship and citizenship in Louisville, he ran the Hardin County Health Department, became an American voter, earned a master’s degree in known physical condition from the University of California, Berkley, and united the state physical condition unit. He was named its officer by Gov. Martha Layne Collins and held in reserve the job under Gov. Wallace Wilkinson.

Wheatley reports, "Among his proudest achievements was a encode given that mammograms to needy women, his wife held. Dudley Conner, who worked as a division director . . . Held Carlos Hernandez was interested in women’s physical condition initiatives and furthermore launched programs listening carefully on cervical cancer, preventive medicine and children’s immunizations, to appoint a a small number of." Conner held, "He was very considerate, kind-hearted, would help you look after something to facilitate considered necessary to be complete. He until the end of time was concerned around fill with and their known physical condition."

Hernandez not at all fully retired, working as a medicinal consultant on Social Security disability luggage, his widow told Wheatley. He is furthermore survived by a daughter, Elena Hernandez Page; a son, Carlos Hernandez; and four grandchildren. (Read more)

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