Monday, October 14, 2013

eye safety during fall sports season

eye safety during fall sports season
Children are back in prepare, on stage sports, and parents can take precautions to ensure their children's eye safety as they compete.

Although many parents are ignorant of the risks posed to their child's eye safety, almost 40,000 eye injuries take place in the United States all through sports or recreational activities both time, says Prevent Blindness America. Some sport-related eye injuries go in front to eyesight loss, with almost one-third of them occurring in children linking the ages of 5 and 14, says the Kentucky Optometric Association.
“Eye injuries are the leading cause of loss of sight in children in America, and on the whole injuries occurring in school-aged children are sports-related,” Benton optometrist Dr. Laurel Van Horn thought in a KOA announce. “The results of an eye injury can range from temporary to undeviating eyesight loss, so it’s imperative so as to parents take the proper steps whilst their children fool around sports.”

Almost 90 percent of these injuries are needless with proper service of eye protection on the on stage deal with, says Van Horn. To prevent such injuries, the KOA provides the following tips in support of eye and eyesight safety while on stage sports: Always wear shielding eyewear, act not rely on street eyewear in support of protection, and refer to the American Society in support of Testing and Materials values whilst shopping in support of shielding eyewear.

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