Saturday, September 28, 2013

Watch out for specious claims about health-reform law in highly politicized debate

The greatest story within the state and nation will be Tuesday's opening of online health-insurance marketplaces, or exchanges, beneath the federal health reform law. "Obamacare" has become politicized from the beginning, and also the current debate has featured several specious claims that journalists should be on the lookout as they report, edit, present and choose commentary (including letters on the editor and person-on-the-street interviews) on the subject.
"There's a good amount of fodder for fact-checkers in Sen. Ted Cruz's looong attack on Obamacare, along with The PresidentPer-centu2019s defense of computer," says, the oldest with the nonpartisan political fact-checking services. It says the Texas Republican falsely claimed that spouses of United Parcel Service employees is going to be - left without medical health insurance, and forced into Can exchange without employer subsidy.' UPS is dropping coverage only for that can get insurance using own employer.

Conversely, "Obama greatly exaggerated whilst credited the health care law for bending the price curve on medical spending," FactCheck says. "Experts the down economy is the overwhelming belief that national health care spending has been growing at historically slow rates recently."

FactCheck also took on Cruz ally Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) for saying " everybody will be paid more for health insurance beneath the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. "The fact is, many will pay many a few will pay less," the service says. "Some currently uninsured Americans can pay little or nothing due to law's continuing development of Medicaid."

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