Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Kissner, six Medicaid directors from other states pulled out in support of countrywide institute

Kissner, six Medicaid directors from other states pulled out in support of countrywide institute
State Medicaid Commissioner Lawrence Kissner is single of seven state train directors to participate in the year-long Medicaid Leadership Institute, which Gov. Steve Beshear thought will help Kissner's aptitude to present high-quality, cost-effective vigor thoughtfulness services to Kentuckians.

AMA president, a Kentuckian, says doctors have a duty to make sure patients know about new health-insurance exchanges

Despite the diverse messages from many physicians almost the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Dr. Arvis Hoven, an internal-medicine and infectious-disease specialist in Lexington and the new-fangled president of the American Medical Association, thought the physicians' lobby will act whatever is inside its power to promote "Obamacare."

Monday, December 2, 2013

Prescription drugs killing more women than ever; Kentucky ties for fifth for its high percentage of deaths

The ongoing countrywide endemic of addiction to prescription painkillers is scattering more quickly amongst women, and it is homicide more women than endlessly beforehand. Kentucky ties Utah in support of the fifth highest percentage of female deaths due to prescription-drug overdose (15.7 percent), says a new-fangled government shot.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

State health department asks Kentuckians to help improve the state's health by commenting on improvement plan by Aug. 1

Yes, Kentucky ranks chief in smoking and cancer deaths, 10th in flabbiness and poorly in other physical condition measurements, but Kentuckians can help further the state's physical condition status by giving their judgment on how to look after to facilitate.

Tips to keep children safe from the dangers of summer heat

While enjoying stage with kin on the dinghy, next to church picnics, in the backyard or next to the beach, be convinced to keep kids safe at some point in the summer intensity.

Community health centers get federal grants to hire employees to help you shop for health insurance coverage

Kentucky's online physical condition insurance argument, Kynect, opens Oct. 1, 2013, and for the most part Kentuckians be required to own physical condition insurance by January of then day or mug accuse penalties having it.

Owsley men most likely in U.S. to be obese, Perry women most likely to die; Morgan women led nation in increasing exercise

Men in Owsley County are the fattest in the United States, and women in Perry County own the lowest life expectation, 72, according to an NBC News inform based on data assembled by the Seattle-based Institute representing Health Metrics and Evaluation, which has industrial a county-by-county, interactive chart of flabbiness, bodily commotion, high spot blood pressure and life expectation from 2001 to 2011.